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Black History Month 2021’s theme is ‘Proud to Be’ and here at Walsall for All, it represented an opportunity to look at identity and to look deeper at the individual experiences of different ages, nationalities and backgrounds as well as the common challenges and perceptions experienced across all of our Black communities.

It also represented an opportunity to look more closely at what people were ‘proud’ of being, achieving or doing in their lives (be that something as seemingly simple as being a mother or father; a career achievement whatever that may be; or a more personal success that they have pride in) and the experiences, challenges and journey that each have taken.

Your contributions

Thank you to all those who have shared their contributions on the theme of 'Proud to Be'. View these below in our gallery.

Maureen Lewis.jpg

I am proud to be me, I am Black, a woman who was born and grew up in Walsall. I am proud to be working for the town, doing charitable work to make a difference in the lives of local people.

Maureen Lewis

Chief Executive Officer, Walsall BSC

Black History Month Twitter feed

Over the course of the month, we collated tweets from Walsall organisations who have participated in this year's celebrations. Click below to find out more.

More stories

Black History Month

Events in the West Midlands

The official Black History Month website has a listings page for you to explore local events happening in the West Midlands region. Click below to find out more.

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