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Community Dialogue - The Faith and Belief Forum

Community dialogue events aim to create safe spaces for local people to engage in conversations about the things that are important to them. The programme aims to bring together the voices of local people to discuss identity, diversity and living together. The programme also seeks to give local people the opportunity to have their voices and stories heard and to connect with others across Walsall.

The project is split into three phases:

Phase 1 – Local Dialogue

Between 13 and 20 local people will meet for three initial sessions. They will have the opportunity to talk about what is important to them in a safe space and share their experiences.

Phase 2 – Linked Dialogue

Following the three initial sessions, two groups will be linked together to take part in three further sessions. This is an opportunity to share conversations, develop relationships and trust through sharing experiences and working together.

Phase 3 – Final Conference

This phase will give participants an opportunity to share their experiences and stories to a wider network of people across Walsall.

The project is currently being piloted with one women’s group in south Walsall and another in north Walsall. In December 2019, at Gio’s Italian (Ryecroft Hub), the north Walsall women’s group made seasonal wreaths and used art to share their stories with one another. The session was jointly led by Walsall Creative Factory and The Faith and Belief Forum.

Here are some quotes from the women who took part:

“Lovely to meet new people and find out about new skills.”
“It’s a really good integration project, it’s nice to talk with different people, to get to know each other better and to do different activities.”
“Good project, great ideas, exceptional communicator, ideal for getting to know people and make friends. The activities of the project are very interesting and there’s a pleasant atmosphere.”

If you are interested in getting involved as a participant or you would like to bring Community Dialogue to a group that you run please contact Rich Pringle -


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