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Podcast: Aaina Community Hub - COVID-19 Vaccination - The Facts

Aaina Community Hub have produced a podcast with vaccination pharmacist Naz Khideja as part of the COVID-19 Community Champions programme.

You can listen to the podcast below or click here.

A'isha Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Aaina Community Hub, explains what it means to be part of the programme, introduces the podcast and summarises the organisation's project activity:

For Aaina, it has been very important to be part of the programme. It has enabled us to have up to date information about the vaccination and government guidance that we have been able to share with our service users, especially those who have been the most vulnerable during COVID due to their ethnicity and may have been reluctant to get vaccinated because of the myths and perceptions that are circulated in the community via social media platforms and individuals.

The podcast responds to the questions we have been receiving during face to face engagement with residents and also the responses we have had via the COVID-19 questionnaires that are being completed by projects across the borough. We wanted to provide accurate and up to date information about the National Vaccination Programme, and have been lucky to have Nazmeen Khideja, a Pharmacist who is working for the vaccination programme here in Walsall to provide the information that most people have questions about.

The podcast, in essence, addresses the myths and perceptions that exist around the vaccination for instance related to pregnancy, choice, or how safe is the vaccine, and where reliable information can be found especially around travel etc. Along with providing an overview of the National Vaccination Programme, we hope that listeners find it useful and informative and it gives them the confidence to pop along to their nearest vaccination centre and get vaccinated if they have not already done so.

Alongside the podcast, we have been assisting individuals with booking their vaccinations. This has been a key area of our work especially those who do not have digital literacy skills, and despite wanting to were unable to book their vaccinations. We have also shared information at local events, completed questionnaires with residents who are otherwise disengaged and directed individuals to the community vaccination buses. All Aaina and Iqra staff are vaccinated and advocate COVID-19 vaccinations to service users and residents from disengaged communities and young people.


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