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Commissioned Projects

Our Commissioned Projects are now continuing online or following COVID-19 government guidance. For more information on activities taking place within our projects, please email walsallforall@walsall.gov.uk.

We have commissioned several organisations to carry out specific projects to engage with residents across Walsall as part of our programme. These include Community Dialogue, Pledge and Training, Community Transport, Hate Crime, Welcome Packs, Youth Ambassadors and many more.


For further information about our commissioned projects or work, please get in touch with us.

Continuing online

Walsall Youth Voices & Youth Ambassadors

Provider: National Youth Agency


Michael Collyer


The National Youth Agency’s project “Your Voice Now” will recognise young people’s potential as change makers. It will enable them to drive four borough-wide youth voice events (one per locality). The project will train a minimum of 24 young people as Youth Ambassadors to drive and deliver integration projects, creating short, medium and long-term impact.

Pledge and Training

Provider: brap

Continuing online


Siobhan Sadlier - siobhans@brap.org.uk

​brap have been commissioned to develop a Charter – Walsall for All Pledge - and ensure that a wide range of organisations sign up to the charter. They will provide follow up support and training for the participating organisations to implement objectives and ethos of the charter. Individuals and organisations are invited to take part in this project and embed integration into their organisation.

Community Transport

Provider: Walsall Community Transport


Main Office - 01922 685555

Walsall Community Transport are enabling integration and social mixing within our communities by providing free transport to people and local organisations. Transport can be a significant barrier, particularly for disadvantaged groups. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to take up Walsall Community Transport as an opportunity to offer trips and visits, in order to break down barriers. For more information visit: https://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/walsall/business-guide/feature/walsall-community-transport/


Community Dialogue

Provider: Faith and Belief Forum

Continuing online


Daisy King - daisy@faithbeliefforum.org

Community dialogue events will create safe spaces for local people to engage in conversations about the things that are important to them. The programme aims to bring together the voices of local people to discuss identity, diversity and living together. The programme also seeks to give opportunity for local people to have their voices and stories heard and connect with others across Walsall.

UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools

Continuing online


Haroon Ravat – Haroon.Ravat@walsall.gov.uk

This project will enable local schools to employ rights-based approaches with young people.  This has a demonstrable impact on integration in some schools as young people are included and feel respected. We are threading this offer to schools with other complimentary projects including School Linking and the Arts Project.  

Continuing online

Walsall Arts for All

Provider: Arts Connect


Haroon Ravat - Haroon.Ravat@walsall.gov.uk

A high-quality arts and cultural programme will be delivered, with a focus on identity, culture and diversity through a range of immersive arts experiences for young people and their parents/carers, teachers and schools. A Development Manager has been appointed to drive the project locally. The programme was formally launched through an inter-school competition on 26th June at Forest Arts Centre. Click here for further details about the project.

School Linking Programme

Partner: The Linking Network


Haroon Ravat - Haroon.Ravat@walsall.gov.uk

The School Linking programme is a successful, national initiative, developed by The Linking Network, based in Bradford. School Linking is about enabling children from different backgrounds to meet together, learn about each other and create a sense of togetherness. Identity and belonging are the main focuses.

Continuing online / Set to restart in September 2020

Continuing online

Welcome Packs

Provider: Nash Dom CIC


Juraj Modrak - j.modrak@nashdomcic.org

Nash Dom CIC will support integration of newly arrived communities through Welcome Packs, which will include information on rights and responsibilities for all residents in Walsall, useful information on local services and signposting to organisations and groups. Part of this project will also involve inviting individuals to be part of a ‘buddying scheme’ to support those who are new to the local area.

Hate Crime

Provider: Black Country Innovate


Nasar Iqbal - nasar@bc-innovate.co.uk

Black Country Innovate will work in partnership with the Police to analyse hate crime data, explore ways of reducing incidents, training individuals and supporting those affected by hate crime. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to have an awareness of Hate Crime, as well as raising awareness with others.

Continuing online

Gypsy, Traveller and Roma

Provider: The National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups

The National Federation of Gypsy Liaison Groups will ensure Gypsy, Traveller and Roma communities have a clear voice in the Walsall for All programme and the council regarding their challenges and needs. This will strengthen service provision, increase understanding in Walsall of these communities, resulting in reduced tensions and negativity towards them.


Our Partners

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